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This page contains information about the governance of the Libertarian Party of Oregon.  It also contains resources to help you become familiar with the party's institution and functioning.

Basic Structure of the Libertarian Party of Oregon

Members assembled at annual business conventions constitute the party's highest authority.  An elected State Committee, in accordance with the will of the annual convention, governs the party between conventions.  A Judicial Committee settle disputes involving the interpretation of the party's governing documents.

Annual Business Conventions

The Libertarian Party of Oregon runs in accordance with governing documents most recently amended at it's 2013 annual business convention.  Such conventions are held every year.  In even numbered years, party officers are elected and amendments to governing documents are considered.  In even numbered years, Judicial Committee members and delegates to the national convention are elected while amendments to the LPO Platform are considered.  Representatives of county membership caucuses who serve on the state committee are elected every year.  Those who are dues-paying or honorary lifetime members are eligible to participate in Annual Nominating Conventions.

Candidate Nominating Conventions

In accordance with statute, The Libertarian Party of Oregon has minor party status.  This means it is eligible to place candidates on general election ballots for partisan offices throughout Oregon.  Candidates are nominated through candidate nominating conventions at which all Oregon voters affiliated with the Libertarian Party may participate.

Download the LPO's Governing Documents

LPO Bylaws

LPO Convention Rules

LPO Platform

About Us

The Libertarian Party is the third largest political party in America.  Hundreds of Libertarians have won election to partisan and non-partisan offices all over America including some in Oregon.  As a party supporting both fiscal responsibility and social tolerance, the Libertarian Party reflects the values of more and more of us.  It you think you might be a Libertarian, consider joining us today!

LPO In Dispute

The leadership of the LPO and the governing documents governing it's operation are in dispute.  The Libertarian National Committee, delegates assembled at the 2012 and 2014 Libertarian National Conventions, the national Libertarian Judicial Committee, and the Oregon LP Judicial Committee recognizes the leadership and governing documents associated with organization sponsoring this website.  The Oregon Secretary of State is barred from taking a position, and has for the moment defaulted to recognizing an alternate organization because it is supported by the most recent "Chair of Record."  This is being contested in a variety of venues and we expect the situation will be resolved soon.

More Ways to Get Involved

Become a Registered Libertarian Party voter!  There are over 15,804 registered Libertarian voters in Oregon.  You can become one if you are eligible to vote in Oregon.  Click HERE and follow the provided instructions to register or re-register online!

NOTE: Registered members of the LPO are eligible to participate in candidate nominating conventions and be nominated by the Libertarian Party to run for public partisan office in general elections.  There is no charge to become a registered member.

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Form or Become Active with an Affiliated County Party (ACP).  The LPO is in the process of organizing county organizations across Oregon.  We are working to build an active presence across the state, and ACPs will be key to that.

County organizations are great way for advancing the principles of limited government where people live, provide a base of support for Libertarians to run in winnable local elections, and coordinate activity on statewide issues.  Click HERE if you are interested!